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Kar Giver’s Bonus Rapture Update 2017

Alan delivers Kar Giver's list of prophecies that he did not cover in his 2017 Rapture Update video … add these to Alan's list and you'll have a wide-eyed, bird's-eye view of how truly significant 2017 is!

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Part 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=so9UkYaxikA
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Alan’s Revelation Playlist

Alan's Word study on The Parable of the 10 Maidens:

Star of Bethlehem

Daniel Matson’s site

Mr. Doom, Saturday July 22 (weather, Jerusalem violence, more current events)

Strange mass animal deaths – Times article “Top 10”

2017 strange animal deaths

India fingerprinted for food rations

UK shortage of fresh vegetables

Joseph Prince, search “Jesus, our Jubilee”

UN bias against Israel

Danoon Institute, on Damascus

Epicenter chipping employees

Dr. Oz, medical chipping

Pharmakeia, “Pharmaceuticals – Sorceries of Babylon”

Perry Stone, 7 Day of Creation, Menorah, 1000 years

Alan’s “Millennial Reign”

Donald Trump, 3 Abrahamic Religions need to “join together:”

PROPHECY WATCH: Trump Says Mideast Peace Possible When All 3 Religions Unite


Pope pro-Abbas

Abbas, “Raise rifles against Israel”

Temple Institute (lots of very cool details and photos about what’s going on in preparation for the 3rd Jewish Temple!

Sanhedrin’s official site talks about their current business, history, mission, and the rabbis comprising this ancient Jewish governing body – wow!

Live Western Wall Camera: http://www.aish.com/w/46127727.html

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